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Showing 1 - 24 of 36 products
ML · Pickle Chinese Cabbage (200g)
Save $1.00
Chef Wang Gang · Fried Chili Sauce (350g) Best Before: 2024-10-22
Arawana · Vine Pepper Oil (220ml)
Liao Ma Ji · Preserved Bean curd (350g)
Lao Gan Ma · Chili Oil Bean Curd (260g)
Haidilao · Spicy Stir-Fry Sauce (220g)
Chuan Nan · Fried Chili Sauce(326g)
Cui Hong · Spicy Pepper Powder (400g)
Cui Hong · Hot Chili Powder (150g)
Save $3.00
Cui Hong · Red Oil Mixed Ingredient (200g) Best Before: 2024-07-18
Lao Gan Ma · Spicy Salted Cabbage (188g)
Lao Gan Ma · Tomato Chili Sauce (210g)
ML · Fermented Soya Beans (200g)
CuiHong · Hot & Spicy Red Chili Oil (200g)
Lao Gan Ma · Peanuts in Chili Oils (730g)
Limin · Garlic Chili Sauce (450g)
Arawana · Sichuan Peppercorn Oil (220ml)
Lao Gan Ma · Spicy Chili Crips (210g)
Cui Hong · Hot Chili Oil (750g)
Cui Hong · Spicy Red Chili Oil (200g)

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